Learn how to set up your Salesforce Developer Org

In the previous video, you have learned all about your Trailhead Playgrounds. Did you know that Trailhead Playgrounds are developer Orgs? Now you know.

However, they are purely used and set up for training purposes. They contain sample data specifically prepared for your Trailhead modules and projects so you don't have to create everything from scratch.

You can set up and use your very own personal Developer org. Developer Orgs are typically used by developers to test the latest features, build new apps on the Salesforce platform and test out functionality before making a purchase. Developer Orgs are however used by many other types of users such as administrators or business users that want to test their skills or test some features and specific functionalities.

Developer Orgs do also contain some sample data which is partially similar to your Trailhead Playgrounds, just so you have a starting point.

Developer Orgs are free for you to use and don’t expire unless you haven't been using them for quite a while. If that is the case, you will receive a notification email from Salesforce.

In your developer org, you can create some additional sample data or sample users for testing purposes, but of course, you can't use it as a full CRM to manage your clients. 

Now you have got your Trailhead Playgrounds and your developer Orgs sorted or at least you know how to manage and create new ones.

Happy Learning!


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