Your Ultimate Salesforce Certification Guide

This guide will help you find your way through the jungle of information and resources. And we are sprinkling in some Hot Tips 🌶️ and Secret Recipes that will help you get a successful outcome.

  • Learn why getting a Salesforce Certification is important

  • Identify which Salesforce Certification best suits your future Salesforce Career Path

  • Understand where you will find relevant study resources

  • Find out how when you are ready to take the Salesforce Certification Exam

  • Get exclusive tips how to master the exam at first attempt

  • Learn how to add your Salesforce Certification to your CV and LinkedIn Profile

Who Is This Salesforce Certification Guide For?

This is for everyone who is...

  • New to Salesforce

    With little to no knowledge about Salesforce

  • Keen to get Salesforce Certified

    Within reasonable amount of time and budget

  • Looking For Guidance

    Through the jungle of information out there

Follow Our Proven 8-Step Salesforce Certification Process

We've done the groundwork for you, so you can focus on what's important

Getting Salesforce Certified can feel overwhelming. This Ultimate Salesforce Certification Guide breaks it all down for you into bite-size chunks.

We've filtered out only the information you really need to know. So you can stay focused on what's relevant. This includes all the resources you need to go to to prepare and register for the exam.

Get started and take the first step to embark on your Salesforce Certification Journey.
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Build Your Salesforce Career Profile

You will become part of the famous Trailblazer Community

While you learn all about Salesforce, you will create a so called Trailblazer.Me Profile. It lives on Salesforce's official Trailhead Platform which has risen in popularity worldwide.

Recruiters and future employers are well aware. This is where you showcase your Salesforce Talent, even if you are just getting started.

In our Certification Guide we'll explain step-by-step how to set it up and how to add your skills as you progress.

See How Your Salesforce Skills Build Up

The included Study Checklist helps you learn and track all exam relevant knowledge topics

The Study Checklist contains all knowledge topics based on the official Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam Guide.

Tick off each topic as you progress. This helps you understand how far you have come and which topics you still need to learn.

You can even Print the Study Checklist and add any notes that help you learn and deepen your knowledge.

Salesforce Administrator Certification Study Checklist

Master Your Salesforce Certification Exam

Gain confidence and pass the exam at first attempt

Of course we can't promise you will pass, but we can promise that your chances to pass will increase significantly.

Did you know that most people fail their first exam attempt? That's right. We don't want this to happen to you!

That's why this Salesforce Certification Guide includes exclusive tips and advice how to prepare and master your Salesforce Certification Exam Day with confidence.

Who is the creator behind the
Salesforce Certification Guide?

Meet Peggy. She is our Expert Salesforce Trainer with many years of experience. She has lot's of exclusive tips to share with you. Her expertise includes:

  • Salesforce Career Development

    Training Students in Face-to-Face, Virtual Classrooms and Online Courses

  • Salesforce Course Instructor

    Delivered Core Classes on behalf of Salesforce Trailhead Academy and now independently

  • Salesforce Custom Training Design

    Running Complex End User Trainings across Private and Public Sectors

Hi there! I'm Peggy Schael and it's a pleasure to meet you. Since I stumbled into Salesforce in 2013, I have gained a lot of hands-on Salesforce experience, including over 4 years as a Salesforce Certified Instructor. With formerly running official Salesforce Courses on behalf of the Trailhead Academy, I understand what your learning success should look like.


I want to pass on my extensive experience to you. Let's get started together and let me guide you through your Salesforce Learning Journey.


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  • Why Should I Follow a Salesforce Career at all?

    Salesforce has been named the #1 CRM Provider consistently over the last few years. The yearly IDC Study proves it over and over each year. This means, there are more and more Salesforce Customers requiring skilled Salesforce knowledgeable employees or contractors to support the demand.

    Plus, Salesforce has built such an incredible network of support in any shape or form which makes working in the Salesforce ecosystem even more exciting. If this isn't convincing enough… ;)

  • Would Salesforce actually be a good fit for me?

    The Salesforce eco system offers many different types of job roles, such as System Administrator, Developer, Consultant, Business Analyst, Product Manager, Trainer, and many more. What is important is that you make yourself familiar with the types of jobs and what skills they require.

    Take this and compare to your personal preferences. For example, do you like to support others with daily requests like a System Administrator does? Or do you like to sit down and discuss strategies and options like a Consultant does?

    Our Salesforce Certification Guild is designed to help you get familiar with the entire Salesforce ecosystem, infrastructure and of course the system itself with lot's references to hands-on activities. This gives you the perfect baseline to make a decision whether you want to further pursue a Salesforce career.

  • Isn't the Salesforce Career Market oversaturated?

    It may feel that way sometimes. But no, not at all. Quite the opposite. Salesforce is continuously growing their customer base each year and with this the demand for Salesforce professionals. Salesforce Job Roles come in different forms and names. So, don't get put off, carefully read through the job descriptions. You'll notice that many ask for the same thing just in a different wording.

  • I don't have a technical background. Can I still get a Salesforce job?

    You absolutely can! The Salesforce Platform is set up in a way that you do not have to have any single coding or tech experience to work with the system. It has a very intuitive interface and point-and-click setup features to configure most common business requirements without ever having to touch any code. And for the more IT related elements like security settings, that's what the IT department is for. ;)