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    The application process only takes a few minutes to complete.

    Once you sign-up, our team will review your application for approval, and then send you your unique referral link.

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    Mention our products to your friends & followers, on social media, your blog, in your newsletters, client meetings, during webinars, or any other way you see fit, by using your referral link.

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    Every time your referrals purchase a WeLearnSalesforce Video Course from our training website, you receive up to 30% commission from the purchase price, paid monthly via PayPal.


  • Can I provide a bonus offer?

    Absolutely! You can give your referrals a 40% discount voucher. It applies to all Study Workbooks, Practice Exams and Lifetime Course Enrollments. You will receive the discount code once your affiliate account has been set up.

  • How are my referrals tracked?

    Everyone that visits WeLearnSalesforce through your unique referral link is tracked via a browser cookie that lasts 30 days. If they return any time within the 30 days and sign up for WeLearnSalesforce, you’ll be credited as the referee. If they click the referral link again, the 30 days restarts.

  • Which link do I use?

    When you become a WeLearnSalesforce Affiliate, you’ll receive access to your unique Affiliate link, which we send to you via email. You can also access your link under your WeLearnSalesforce Affiliate Account.

  • What happens when my referral doesn't use my link?

    If your referral doesn’t use your link, we can’t track that referral for you and thus you won’t get properly credited! Make sure that you are ensuring your referral uses your link so that you can receive commissions!

  • How do I promote WeLearnSalesforce?

    You can promote WeLearnSalesforce through any of your existing channels. Here are a few examples:
    • Your mailing list
    • Your social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc)
    • Your website
    • Your blog
    • Your friends, co-workers and business partners