Affiliate Process

  • Apply

    The application process only takes a few minutes to complete.

    Once you sign-up, our team will review your application for approval, and then send you your unique referral link.

  • Promote

    Mention our products to your friends & followers, on social media, your blog, in your newsletters, client meetings, during webinars, or any other way you see fit, by using your referral link.

  • Earn

    Every time your referrals purchase a WeLearnSalesforce Video Course from our training website, you receive up to 30% commission from the purchase price, paid monthly via PayPal.

Technical Details

When a user first visits our WeLearnSalesforce site, we drop a cookie on to their browser. If they reached the WeLearnSalesforce site via an affiliate link, the cookie that's dropped will remember this information.

When the student creates an account for our WeLearnSalesforce site they will have the referrer code attached to their user profile if the cookie is present. Any future purchases of approved products for all time by this student will be credited to the affiliate.

If by chance the user visits our WeLearnSalesforce site but doesn't sign up right away, the cookie will last for 30 days. If the user clears their cookies or uses a different browser the cookie will be lost.

The cookie from the first visit must be present when the student signs up or purchases a product in order for the affiliate to receive credit. Once the student signs up and the association is established on the user's profile, the cookie is redundant and the affiliate will receive credit for any future purchases of approved products. If a student that comes through an affiliate link does not sign up or purchase within 30 days, but comes back after 30 days to sign up or purchase the affiliate is not credited any commission.

If a student coming to our site via an affiliate link had previously created an account or made a purchase, before clicking on the affiliate link, any new purchases made will not be associated with the affiliate. This is true regardless of whether or not the student was previously associated to any affiliate or not. If they had previously made an account they cannot be counted toward a new affiliate.

Summary of key requirements for a new user to be associated with an affiliate:

  • The first time a visitor accesses our site must be through an affiliate link.
  • If it is the first time a visitor has accessed our site and it is through an affiliate link, a cookie will be dropped that will last for 30 days.
  • The visitor must sign up for an account within 30 days in the same browser that the cookie originally dropped to be associated with the affiliate.
  • The visitor does not need to make a purchase right away. If they simply sign up for an account or for a free course, they will still be associated with that affiliate for future purchases of approved products.
  • The affiliate cookie lasts for 30 days and is not overwritten or renewed if the visitor accesses your site through another affiliate link within that 30 days. The cookie expiration date will remain the same.
  • If the cookie has expired and the visitor returns to the site using an affiliate link, a new cookie will be dropped. For example, if a student visits a site     through an affiliate link and never signs up, then 31 days later, visits through the same affiliate link, a new cookie is dropped.

Introduction to the Affiliate Menu

As an affiliate for one of our courses, you get a user account like any other user on our WeLearnSalesforce site. However, as an affiliate user, you get your own menu to view general information, links and referral codes, financial reporting and more.

How to Access Affiliate Menu:

  1. Log-in with the email and password provided to you by the instructor.
  2. Access your affiliate dashboard menu by clicking the 'Affiliate' button in the top right corner.
  3. View your affiliate menu:

About the Menu:

  • General Affiliate Information: Details of your commission rate can be found here.
  • Your Affiliate Links: Unique product codes are listed here for you to share with your audience. You can also use the Homepage Link, to ensure the affiliate tracking cookie is present on the browser when the visitor arrives on the site via the Homepage e.g.
  • Financial Reports: Here you can see your commission totals, a breakdown of your individual commissions, your payouts and tracking on the number of visitors through your affiliate links.
  • Settings: You can change your PayPal linked email address here.