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  • What release are the Salesforce Certification Courses based on?

    Our Salesforce Certification Video Courses are updated shortly after each Salesforce Release. You will get any release updates for free for the time of your enrollment.

  • Do you offer the Salesforce Administration Essentials Course in Salesforce Classic (equivalent ADM201)?

    Our Salesforce Video Courses are based on the current Lightning Experience user interface. However we do include Salesforce Classic related training content that still requires the use of the Classic user interface. Salesforce Classic is the original user interface, but Salesforce is more and more enforcing the use of the Lightning Experience user interface.

  • Why should I pay for a Salesforce Certification Course when there are many free sites out there?

    You don't!'ve come here for a reason, have you? The problem with all that free content out there is: it's spread across different sites, not covering all exam topics, no end-to-end learning experience, no business context and no real-life examples. Our Salesforce Certification Courses have this all covered in one place. We make sure you get a thorough and structured learning experience - just like a real classroom experience, for a fraction of the costs.

  • I already have experience with Salesforce. Isn't a formal training redundant?

    Even if you have been working with the Salesforce platform for a few months or even years, there are most likely some core features and functionalities you haven't come across yet. Formal Salesforce trainings like our WeLearnSalesforce video courses fill the gaps that on-the-job learning and Trailhead projects and badges do not cover.

  • Do the Salesforce Certification Courses include the Certification Exam?

    Our Salesforce Certification Courses are for preparation purposes and do not include the official Salesforce Certification Exam nor the Exam Fee.

  • Is a Salesforce Certification enough to get a Salesforce job?

    We can't promise you anything, but a Salesforce Certification will certainly increase your chances. Our Salesforce Certification Courses not only help you prepare better for your Certification Exam but also gives you business-relevant use cases. These are use cases related to requirements a lot of companies are dealing with. This knowledge will most certainly give you a competitive advantage in job interviews.

  • Is WeLearnSalesforce an accredited Salesforce Training Partner?

    Salesforce's training arm, the Trailhead Academy, only partners with Training Providers that offer instructor-led classroom or virtual live trainings. Our Salesforce courses are in-line with the learning contents of the Trailhead Academy, however in video format to serve the customers that require a more flexible and cost-effective solution. Our Salesforce Courses are fully online and can be accessed on-demand at any time from any device that has an internet connection and a browser.

Enrollment & Pricing

  • What types of enrollment periods and pricing do you offer?

    We offer enrollment options to suit your personal time, pace and budget. All details are available here.

  • I'm not sure which pricing option works best for me. Can you help me choose?

    Our pricing model is based on your Salesforce Experience and estimated Study Time.

    If you have no experience or only a little, it will take you longer to learn all the Salesforce knowledge topics, compared to someone who does already have some form of experience. Plus, your availability to focus on study time plays another big part.

    In order to help you choose, we've put together a guideline in this blog article. It explains how experience and study time correlate.

  • Can I take the Salesforce Certification Exam within 1 Month?

    That depends! It's possible if you are already very proficient in using the Salesforce Setup in Lightning Experience. We recommend a minimum of 12+ months hands-on Salesforce experience, including declarative development and configuration tools. Ideally, you've got daily on-the-job experience as a System Administrator. Alternatively, a Trailhead Ranger status including relevant Superbadges may be an appropriate baseline too. Plus, you should be able to commit 40+ hours per week of study time. If you meet all of these criteria, you may indeed be able to take your exam within a 4-week time frame.

  • Does the Monthly Subscription give me access to all your Salesforce Courses?

    The Monthly Subscription applies by course. We believe, you can't possibly learn all at once. Therefore, we recommend you enroll into each of our courses one after the other. Studying for one Salesforce Certification is hard enough. Therefore, once you've mastered one, go ahead and enroll into the next one.

  • How do I cancel my Monthly Subscription?

    Easy. Ensure you are logged in to your WeLearnSalesforce student account. Go to your profile (top right corner where your name appears), select "My Account", go to "Billing", select the relevant subscription and click the "Cancel" button. That's it!

    For more details on how to cancel or renew your subscription go here.

  • How do I manage my billing and credit card information?

    Please follow our step-by-step instructions here.


  • Where do I find the link to the Trailmix unit for my hands-on practice?

    Each video unit contains a Description which includes the link to the relevant Trailmix unit on Trailhead.

  • What is a Trailmix?

    A Trailmix is a learning feature provided by the Salesforce Trailhead Academy. It contains a collation of learning modules and projects with the corresponding hands-on exercises. You will be using the WeLearnSalesforce Trailmix for your enrolled video course. They have been tailored to the learning contents following a logical structure.

  • How is the WeLearnSalesforce Trailmix different to the "Prepare for Your Salesforce Administrator Credential" Trailmix?

    Our WeLearnSalesforce Trailmix has been tailored to the learning contents of your video courses. We want to make sure you are getting a logical end-to-end learning experience. Our WeLearnSalesforce Trailmix also contain additional modules and projects for you to practice with.


  • How do I adjust the speed of the video?

    On the bottom right of your course player, you will find a little gear icon. From there you can adjust the speed as well as the resolution. Also, watch the short video below.

  • How do I change the resolution of the video?

    On the bottom right of your course player, you will find a little gear icon. From there you can adjust the resolution as well as the speed. Also, watch the short video below.

  • How do I use the course player?

    Below is a short video that gives you an overview on how to best use the course player, adjust the resolution and track your progress.


  • I have already studied extensively on Trailhead. Why do I need the Practice Exams?

    Studying all the topics is one thing, but actually understanding what and why you are doing certain customizations is another. The Practice Exams will reveal whether you understand the bigger picture and how to solve complex business requirements.

  • Why should I pay for these Practice Exams when there are so many free sites?

    We are aware that there are many sites with free quizzes and mock exams out there. The problem with many of these sites are that the answers are often incorrect. They don't provide explanations and don't cover all topics you need to be knowledgeable about. Also, they are often outdated. Rather than supporting your learnings, they will leave you confused.

    Our Practice Exams are based on many years of experience with the Salesforce platform. Being a former Trailhead Academy Salesforce Certified Instructor, Peggy knows what Salesforce students struggle with and incorporates her extensive knowledge and guidance into the explanations and resources. The format and complexity of the questions are in line with the requirements of the official exam so you will know exactly what to expect when you sit the real exam.

  • Will I pass at first attempt when I complete the Practice Exams?

    No-one can guarantee that you will pass. However, completing our Practice Exams will increase your chances significantly. We provide clear instructions on how to take the Practice Exams to get the most out of them. And we also provide very detailed results and explanations with lot's of resources to review and deepen your learnings.

  • Are the practice questions the same as the questions in the real exam?

    The questions in the Practice Exams are similar in format and difficulty. They are created based on the Exam Topics of the official Salesforce Exam Guide. We use realistic business scenarios to help you understand complex or confusing requirements.

  • Are the Practice Questions based on the latest Release?

    The Practice Questions are updated shortly after each Release cycle. Release updates are included in your purchase. We recommend reading through the Salesforce Release Notes too, before you take the real exam.

  • How do I know that I'm ready to take the real exam?

    As a guide, we recommend to achieve at least 80-90% in any of your Practice Exams. If this is the case, you will have a very high chance of succeeding in the exam at first attempt. However, it's important that you review your results. There may be some questions you got right just out of luck. Take a closer look at questions like this too, and verify whether you need to review these or whether you really feel confident about that topic.

  • Are the exam questions based on Salesforce Classic or Lightning Experience?

    The exam is not interface specific. You need to be familiar with both interfaces, since some features are not yet available in Lightning and vice versa. In few cases you need to switch to Classic. Most features however work the same just the interface looks a bit different.

    Salesforce does focus more on Lightning and has started to enforce the use of the Lightning Experience User Interface. However, many Customers are still using Salesforce Classic, which means you still need to be able to work in both interfaces.

  • Will I find repetitive questions in the Practice Exams?

    All practice questions across any of the Practice Exams are unique. The practice questions cover all Exam Topics and Objectives of the respective Salesforce Exam Guide. The number of questions per topic are in accordance to the weighting of the official Salesforce Exam Guide. By completing all Practice Exams, you will have covered all topics you need to be knowledgeable about.

  • How long do I have access to the Practice Exams?

    You will have access for 12 months, counting from the date of purchase. This gives you plenty of time to prepare for your exam and retake any of the Practice Exams until you feel ready to take the real exam.

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