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    Our Practice Exams are similar to the real exam in format and complexity. So you will know what to expect when you take it for real.

Practice Even More With 300 Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice Exam Questions

  • 5 Complete Practice Exams. 60 Questions each. 90 Minute Time Limit each

  • Covers all exam relevant topics of the official Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam Guide

  • Results include overall passing score and section-level passing score

  • Detailed explanations for each question including screenshots, diagrams and flowcharts

  • Additional learning resources to deepen your skills and increase your confidence

  • Unlimited Re-takes. Release Updates Included

What Our Students Are Saying About Us

John Alexander Martinez

“They covered topics that were on the exam. Taking the exams over and over helped me develop a mindset and an approach towards the exam that I wouldn't have had otherwise. The practice exam and the real exam are not similar in wording, of course, but taking these Practice Exams was crucial in me passing. It only took me 1 try to pass the exam.”

Jacoby Garcia

“While nothing can compare to practical, hands-on Salesforce (SF) experience as an admin, I grew to like that the WeLearnSalesforce test questions were wordy and complex to provide students, like me, with ideally comparable levels of challenge as given in the SF test and certainly more challenging than the flashcards available in Quizlet and elsewhere.”

Nyaradzai Martin Shoko

“I find your exams to be tough but very close to Salesforce reality. Thank you for that!!! I have completed and passed my Admin Certification. But interestingly, I continue to use your videos not for exams now but for guidance in solving customer issues and let key implementation challenges. Please keep it up!!”

Multiple-Choice and Multi-Select Practice Exam Questions

Just like in the real exam, some answers are Multiple-Choice, others are Multi-Select. Most questions are based on business scenarios. Some questions are knowledge based because some things you just need to know by heart.
Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice Exams Multiple Choice Questions

Bookmark Your Practice Questions for Review

Similar to the Real Salesforce Certification Exam you can mark Questions for review, review previously answered Practice Questions and change your answer if needed.
Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice Exams Bookmark Questions Review

Overall and Section-Level Scoring

Your results will include an Overall Score to compare against the pass mark of 65%. You will also get a Section-Level Scoring, so you can see quickly which exam topics you are stronger or weaker in.
Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice Exam Scoring

Practice Exam Results include Detailed Feedback

Every single question gives you details about why the answer was correct or false. We include resources like screenshots, diagrams, flowcharts as well as links to additional resources such as WeLearnSalesforce Course Units and Salesforce Help pages.
Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice Exam Detailed Feedback

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Connect with us and your peers. Ask questions about any of the Practice Questions and Answers. Get answers from Peggy, your Salesforce Trainer, and other Practice Exam Takers.

Created By Your Salesforce Instructor

Peggy Schael

"Your Salesforce Skills are only as good as your hands-on practice!"

It's not just about adding that Salesforce Certification to your CV, but mostly about learning the essential Salesforce knowledge and skills you need to be successful in your current or next Salesforce Job. And that's what our Salesforce Online Courses, Study Workbooks and Practice Exams are all about. Want to know more about me? Come and meet me here.

We know you got questions. Here are your TOP FAQs:

  • I have already studied extensively on Trailhead. Why do I need the Practice Exams?

    Studying all the topics is one thing, but actually understanding what and why you are doing certain customizations is another. The Practice Tests will reveal whether you understand the bigger picture and how to solve complex business requirements.

  • Do the Practice Exams cover all exam topics?

    Each Practice Exam includes questions from each of the exam objectives. The Salesforce Admin Certification Exam will test your declarative capabilities, this means no-code development skills. This includes tools like the Lightning App Builder in combination with Page Layouts for Standard Objects as well as Custom Objects. Your skill set will also be tested on more complex topics like the Roll Up Summary Field, Lookup Relationship or Master Detail Relationship between a Parent Record and a Child Record, Validation Rules, just to name a few. It's about understanding the concepts covered in the exam.

  • Who is the Salesforce Admin Practice Exam for?

    Everyone who is planning to become a Certified Salesforce Administrator. The Salesforce Admin Practice Test is there to help you with your exam preparation. Most importantly, we want you to feel confident on exam day. The results of the Practice Tests will reveal your strength and weaknesses. Knowing where your weaknesses are, allows you to deepen your skills in those areas. We will provide you with detailed explanations and learning resources for each question. You can then practice even more. We recommend retaking the Practice Test to see where your skills have already improved. You may even opt to sign up to our Practice Exam Bundle with a total of 300 questions. This allows you to get more comfortable with the complexity and structure of the real exam questions.

  • Will I pass at first attempt when I complete the Practice Exams?

    No-one can guarantee that you will pass. However, completing our Practice Exams will increase your chances significantly. We provide clear instructions on how to take the Practice Exams to get the most out of them. And we also provide very detailed results and explanations with lot's of resources to review and deepen your learnings.

  • Are the practice questions the same as the questions in the real exam?

    The questions in the Practice Exams are similar in format and difficulty. They are created based on the 12 Exam Topics of the official Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam Guide. We use realistic business scenarios to help you understand complex requirements.

  • Are the Practice Exam Questions based on the latest Release?

    The Practice Test Questions are updated shortly after each Release cycle. We recommend reading through the Salesforce Release Notes too, before you take the real exam.