Get certified with this Complete Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Training

We are providing you with all the ingredients you need to learn and practice your essential Salesforce knowledge!

  • 15+ Hours of Video Content

  • 600+ Pages Printable PDF Workbook

  • 4 Realistic Practice Exams - 60 Questions Each

  • Covers all 5 Exam Sections and 26 Exam Objectives

  • 120+ Learning Units

  • Certification Exam Guide & Study Checklist

  • Unlimited Access. Release Updates Included

Relevant for Many Salesforce Job Roles

  • Administrators & Developers

    Learn baseline Salesforce Skills with focus on App Development. This is the entry certification for a Salesforce Developer Career.

  • Salesforce Consultants

    Gain essential knowledge on Application Lifecycle Management and considerations for different Customer requirements.

  • Business Users

    For Project Managers and other Business Roles to manage smooth migrations and regular Salesforce release updates.

Pricing Options:

Make Your Choice. All taxes included!

Need help choosing?

Our pricing model is based on your Salesforce Experience and estimated Study Time.

You choose what works best for you!

Everyone is different. We want you to choose an option that works best with your personal and/or business lifestyle.

Your Salesforce Experience plays a big role. If you have none or only a little, it will take you longer to learn all the Salesforce knowledge topics, compared to someone who does already have some form of experience. Plus, your availability to focus on study time plays another big part.

Each pricing option includes the entire bundle of video tutorials, study workbook and practice exams.

If you are unsure which option to choose, refer to this blog article for more details on how experience and study time correlate.

TOP Pricing FAQ

Your top FAQs regarding the pricing options and study times answered:

  • Can I take the Salesforce Certification Exam within 1 Month?

    That depends! It's possible if you are already very proficient in using the Salesforce Setup in Lightning Experience. We recommend a minimum of 12+ months hands-on Salesforce experience, including declarative development and configuration tools. Ideally, you've got daily on-the-job experience as a System Administrator. Alternatively, a Trailhead Ranger status including relevant Superbadges may be an appropriate baseline too. Plus, you should be able to commit 40+ hours per week of study time. If you meet all of these criteria, you may indeed be able to take your exam within a 4-week time frame.

  • Does the Monthly Subscription give me access to all your Salesforce Courses?

    The Monthly Subscription applies by course. We believe, you can't possibly learn all at once. Therefore, we recommend you enroll into each of our courses one after the other. Studying for one Salesforce Certification is hard enough. Therefore, once you've mastered one, go ahead and enroll into the next one.

  • I'm not sure whether I should choose the 6 Months Fixed Term?

    No worries. The 6 Months Fixed Term is best suited for you if you have a minimum of 3-6 months hands-on Salesforce experience (= minimum 20 hours per week) within the Salesforce Setup, including security settings and process automation tools. And, if you can commit 20-40 hours study time per week.

  • How do I manage my Monthly Subscription?

    Easy. Ensure you are logged in to your WeLearnSalesforce student account. Go to your profile (top right corner where your name appears), select "My Account", go to "Billing", select the relevant subscription and click the "Cancel" button. That's it!

    For more details on how to cancel or renew your subscription go here.


Not sure this Salesforce Certification Course is for you? Have a look inside our Free Preview Course and see for yourself!

Get to know a selection of our Salesforce Video Tutorials, corresponding Study Workbook Pages as well as Practice Exam Questions.


What Will You Learn About in this Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Course

  • 15+ Hours Video Content

    Including 120+ learning units, covering all 5 Exam Sections and 26 Exam Objectives of the official Salesforce Exam Guide.

  • 600+ Pages Study Workbook

    Key learning concepts summarized for you. We include corresponding flow charts, diagrams, checklists and best practices.

  • 4 Realistic Practice Exams

    Check Your Exam Readiness and reveal your strength and weaknesses. And get familiar with the exam format and complexity.

Guided Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Video Tutorials

Step-by-step Walkthrough building up your Salesforce Knowledge as you progress

You will get real-life business use cases, exclusive tips, system demos you can follow along in real-time and plenty of hands-on exercises.

This Salesforce Platform App Builder Video Training literally covers everything you need to become a successful Salesforce Professional.

Learn Salesforce and get certified

Focus on Key Concepts with our Salesforce Platform App Builder Study Workbook

A Great Reference for Reviews and Your Daily Business Tasks

Includes diagrams, flow charts, checklists, decision trees and best practices for your daily reference.

Our Workbook is designed to run in our convenient Course Player. And if you require offline access or you want something you can scribble on, simply download your Personal PDF Study Workbook.

Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Study Workbook

Deepen Your Learnings with our Salesforce Platform App Builder Practice Exams

It's one thing to study all the topics but it's another to put your knowledge into context. Our Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Practice Exams help you find out where your strength and weaknesses are.

Use the results to review your learnings and practice weaker areas even more. Your skills are only as good as your practice. This will help you gain more confidence and get ready for the real exam.

Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Practice Exams

Track Your Salesforce Learning Progress

Use The Study Checklist to Ensure You Have Learned All Exam Relevant Topics

Tick off each topic as you progress. This helps you understand how far you have come and which topics you still need to learn.

You can even Print the Study Checklist and add any notes that help you learn and deepen your knowledge.

Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Study Checklist

Pricing Options:

Make Your Choice. All taxes included!

Download our Ultimate Salesforce Certification Guide

Follow this 8-Step Guide to Succeed to get Salesforce Certified!

With this Ultimate Salesforce Certification Guide we want to help you find out why and how to get the best out of your Salesforce Certification. We include plenty of resources about knowledge topics, how to prepare and register for the exam.

We are sprinkling in some 🌶️ Hot Tips and Secret Recipes that will help you get a successful outcome.

Get started and take the first step to embark on your Salesforce Learning Journey.
Download Ultimate Salesforce Certification Guide

Learn Salesforce from an Expert

Meet Peggy - Your Salesforce Course Instructor

  • Salesforce Career Development

    Training Students in Face-to-Face, Virtual Classrooms and Online Courses

  • Salesforce Course

    Delivered Core Classes on behalf of Salesforce Trailhead Academy and now independently

  • Salesforce Custom Training Design

    Running Complex End User Trainings across Private and Public Sectors

Hi there! I'm Peggy Schael and it's a pleasure to meet you. Since I stumbled into Salesforce in 2013, I have gained a lot of hands-on Salesforce experience, including over 4 years as a Salesforce Certified Instructor. With formerly running official Salesforce Courses on behalf of the Trailhead Academy, I understand what your learning success should look like.


I want to pass on my extensive experience to you. Let's get started together and let me guide you through your Salesforce Learning Journey.


Pricing Options:

Make Your Choice. All taxes included!

Learn Salesforce Anytime Anywhere

With your favorite device and browser

Take your preferred device and access our Salesforce video courses from your desk, couch, bed or on-the-go. You have full flexibility to choose the time that fits in best with your personal and business lifestyle.

Our Courses work with any modern device that has a stable internet connection and one of the latest browsers, e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge.

Learn Salesforce on All Devices


Pricing Options:

Make Your Choice. All taxes included!


Click the link in the footer to access the full list of FAQs.

  • What release are the Salesforce Certification Courses based on?

    Our Salesforce Certification Video Courses are updated shortly after each Salesforce Release. You will get any release updates for free for the time of your enrollment.

  • Why should I pay for a Salesforce Certification Course when there are many free sites out there?

    We are aware. The problem with other sites is: Content spread across different sites, not covering all exam topics, no end-to-end learning experience, no business context and no real-life examples. Our Salesforce Certification Courses have this all covered in one place. We make sure you get a logical and structured learning experience.

  • I already have experience with Salesforce. Isn't a formal training redundant?

    Even if you have been working with the Salesforce platform for a few months or even years, there are most likely some core features and functionalities you haven't come across yet. Formal Salesforce training like our WeLearnSalesforce Video Courses fill the gaps that on-the-job learning and Trailhead projects and badges do not cover.

  • How long will I have access to the Salesforce Certification Course Videos?

    If you have enrolled in a complete Salesforce Certification Course, you will have lifetime access. Our Salesforce Study Workbooks and Practice Exams have 12 months of access. If you have enrolled in the free course section, your access will expire after 30 days. However, you can enroll again at any time.

  • Do the Salesforce Certification Courses include the Certification Exam?

    Our Salesforce Certification Courses are for preparation purposes and do not include the official Salesforce Certification Exam nor the Exam Fee.

  • Is a Salesforce Certification enough to get a Salesforce Job?

    We can't promise you anything, but a Salesforce Certification will certainly increase your chances. Our Salesforce Certification Courses not only help you prepare better for your Certification Exam but also gives you business-relevant use cases. These are use cases related to requirements a lot of companies are dealing with. This knowledge can certainly help you in job interviews.

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