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Created by Expert Salesforce Trainer Peggy Schael - With her students' needs in mind!

Peggy has collated all learning topics and key points into this comprehensive Workbook. So you can focus on what matters to take the exam with confidence and pass with flying colors.

It's More Than a Study Workbook!

It's a cheat sheet, it's an exercise book, it's a notebook, it's what YOU make of it!

  • 700+ Pages Printable PDF Study Workbook

  • Covering ALL Exam Sections and ALL Objectives of the official Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator Exam Guide

  • Key Concepts explained for every single learning topic

  • Corresponding Flow Charts, Diagrams, Checklists and Best Practices

  • Plenty of relevant resources to deepen your learnings

  • Certification Guide and Study Checklist

  • Unlimited access to online version for 12 months. Release Updates Included.

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Learn Salesforce with Structure and Logic to gain Confidence

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  • Bite-size Chunks

    Work through step by step and build up your knowledge as you progress.

  • Practice Hands-on

    Your Skills are only as good as your practice! We'll include plenty of exercises.

  • Deepen Your Skills

    Study relevant Salesforce documentation to gain in-depth knowledge.


Get an overview of what you will be learning about

The Salesforce Advanced Administrator Workbook summarizes the key points of each exam topic.

Focus on and review the learning areas that help you succeed in the certification exam.

Download Ultimate Salesforce Certification Guide


With Flow Charts, Diagrams, Checklist and Best Practices

You get precise and to the point presentations combined with key facts. This helps you remember essential knowledge areas much more easily.


Deep dive into knowledge areas

Each learning topic contains references to corresponding video tutorials, hands-on exercises as well as additional Salesforce Documentation.

Use these references to deepen your knowledge.


Access the Workbook Online and Offline

Everyone has a different learning style and different learning environment.

Our Workbook is designed to run in our convenient Course Player which can be accessed from any device that has an internet connection and a browser.

And if you require offline access or you want something you can scribble on, simply download your Personal PDF Study Workbook.

Track Your Salesforce Learning Progress

Use The Study Checklist to Ensure You Have Learned All Exam Relevant Topics

Tick off each topic as you progress. This helps you understand how far you have come and which topics you still need to learn.

You can even Print the Study Checklist and add any notes that help you learn and deepen your knowledge.

Download our Ultimate Salesforce Certification Guide

Follow this 8-Step Guide to Succeed to get Salesforce Certified!

With this Ultimate Salesforce Certification Guide we want to help you find out why and how to get the best out of your Salesforce Certification. We include plenty of resources about knowledge topics, how to prepare and register for the exam.

We are sprinkling in some 🌶️ Hot Tips and Secret Recipes that will help you get a successful outcome.

Get started and take the first step to embark on your Salesforce Learning Journey.
Download Ultimate Salesforce Certification Guide

Learn Salesforce from an Expert

Meet Peggy - Your Salesforce Course Instructor

  • Salesforce Career Development

    Training Students in Face-to-Face, Virtual Classrooms and Online Courses

  • Salesforce Course

    Delivered Core Classes on behalf of Salesforce Trailhead Academy and now independently

  • Salesforce Custom Training Design

    Running Complex End User Trainings across Private and Public Sectors

Hi there! I'm Peggy Schael and it's a pleasure to meet you. Since I stumbled into Salesforce in 2013, I have gained a lot of hands-on Salesforce experience, including over 4 years as a Salesforce Certified Instructor. With formerly running official Salesforce Courses on behalf of the Trailhead Academy, I understand what your learning success should look like.


I want to pass on my extensive experience to you. Let's get started together and let me guide you through your Salesforce Learning Journey.


Learn Salesforce Anytime Anywhere

With your favorite device and browser

Take your preferred device and study from your desk, couch, bed, on-the-go, you choose. You have full flexibility to select the time that fits in best with your personal and business lifestyle.

Our Workbook works with any modern device that has a stable internet connection and one of the latest browsers, e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge.

Learn Salesforce on All Devices

Salesforce Advanced Administrator Workbook
Course Curriculum

    1. A Word from Your Instructor

    2. Come say hello 👋

    3. What You Need to Know About Your Workbook

    4. Get Started with Trailhead (07:44)

    5. Set up Your Trailhead Practice Org (04:41)

    6. Set up a Developer Org (03:21)

    7. Getting Certified Successfully - Download The Ultimate Salesforce Certification Guide

    8. Advanced Administrator - Study Checklist

    1. What You will be learning about

    2. VIEW - Security and Access

    3. VIEW - Objects and Applications

    4. VIEW - Auditing and Monitoring

    5. VIEW - Cloud Applications

    6. VIEW - Data & Analytics Management

    7. VIEW - Environment Management & Deployment

    8. VIEW - Process Automation

    9. VIEW - Bonus - Content and File Management



    1. PREVIEW - Complete Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification Course

    2. Welcome to WeLearnSalesforce - Meet Your Salesforce Trainer Peggy (02:26)

    3. Why Learn Salesforce with Peggy (02:31)

    4. Getting Certified Successfully - Video Guide (07:23)

    5. PREVIEW - Section Security and Access

    6. PREVIEW - Section Data Management

    7. PREVIEW - Section Change Management

    8. PREVIEW - Section Process Automation

    1. Before you leave...

    2. Survey - Please share your feedback

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