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Test Your Salesforce Platform App Builder Knowledge with Practice Exams

It's one thing to study all the topics but it's another to put your knowledge into context. Our Practice Exams help you find out where you need to deepen your learnings.

  • 4 Practice Exams. 60 Questions each. 90 Minute Timer

  • Covering all 5 Exam Sections and 26 Objectives of the official Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Exam Guide

  • 240 Unique Practice Questions based on Business Scenarios

  • Multiple Choice and Multi-Select Answers

  • Results include Overall Score as well as Section-Level Scoring

  • Detailed Explanations for every single question

  • Plenty of relevant resources to deepen your learnings

  • Certification Guide and Study Checklist

  • Unlimited Access for 12 Months. Release Updates Included.

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And find out whether you are ready to take the real exam

  • Deepen your Salesforce Skills with Practice Exams

    Use the results to review your learnings and practice weaker areas even more. Your skills are only as good as your practice.

  • Gain Confidence for the Real Certification Exam

    We want you to pass your exam at first attempt. Feeling confident about your skills, will help you stay calm and take the exam with ease.

  • Get familiar with the Certification Exam Format

    Our Practice Exams are similar to the real exam in format and complexity. So you will know what to expect when you take it for real.

Multiple-Choice and Multi-Select Practice Exam Questions

Just like in the real exam, some answers are Multiple-Choice, others are Multi-Select. Most questions are based on business scenarios. Some questions are knowledge based because some things you just need to know by heart.
Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Practice Exams Multiple Choice Questions

Bookmark Your Practice Questions for Review

Similar to the Real Salesforce Certification Exam you can mark Questions for review, review previously answered Practice Questions and change your answer if needed.
Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Practice Exams - Bookmark Questions

Overall and Section-Level Scoring

Your results will include an Overall Score to compare against the pass mark of 65%. You will also get a Section-Level Scoring, so you can see quickly which exam topics you are stronger or weaker in.
Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Practice Exam Scoring

Practice Exam Results include Detailed Feedback

Every single question gives you details about why the answer was correct or false. We include resources like screenshots, diagrams, flowcharts as well as links to additional resources such as WeLearnSalesforce Course Units and Salesforce Help pages.
Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Practice Exams - Detailed Feedback

Ask Your Questions in our Discussion Forum

Connect with us and your peers. Ask questions about any of the Practice Questions and Answers. Get answers from your WeLearnSalesforce Trainer and other Practice Exam Takers
Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Practice Exams - Discussion Forum

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Tick off each topic as you progress. This helps you understand how far you have come and which topics you still need to learn.

You can even Print the Study Checklist and add any notes that help you learn and deepen your knowledge.

Download our Ultimate Salesforce Certification Guide

Follow this 8-Step Guide to Succeed to get Salesforce Certified!

With this Ultimate Salesforce Certification Guide we want to help you find out why and how to get the best out of your Salesforce Certification. We include plenty of resources about knowledge topics, how to prepare and register for the exam.

We are sprinkling in some 🌶️ Hot Tips and Secret Recipes that will help you get a successful outcome.

Get started and take the first step to embark on your Salesforce Learning Journey.
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Meet Peggy - Your Salesforce Course Instructor

  • Salesforce Career Development

    Training Students in Face-to-Face, Virtual Classrooms and Online Courses

  • Salesforce Course

    Delivered Core Classes on behalf of Salesforce Trailhead Academy and now independently

  • Salesforce Custom Training Design

    Running Complex End User Trainings across Private and Public Sectors

Hi there! I'm Peggy Schael and it's a pleasure to meet you. Since I stumbled into Salesforce in 2013, I have gained a lot of hands-on Salesforce experience, including over 4 years as a Salesforce Certified Instructor. With formerly running official Salesforce Courses on behalf of the Trailhead Academy, I understand what your learning success should look like.


I want to pass on my extensive experience to you directly, right there on your computer. Let's get started together and let me guide you through your Salesforce learning journey.


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Take your preferred device and take our Salesforce Courses as well as the Practice Exams from your desk, couch, bed, on-the-go, you choose. You have full flexibility to select the time that fits in best with your personal and business lifestyle.

Our Practice Exams work with any modern device that has a stable internet connection and one of the latest browsers, e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge.

Learn Salesforce Anytime Anywhere

Salesforce Platform App Builder Practice Exams
Course Curriculum

    1. A Word from Your Instructor

    2. Come say hello 👋

    3. How to Take a Practice Exam

    4. FAQs & Troubleshooting Tips

    5. Discussion Forum

    6. Getting Certified Successfully - Download The Ultimate Salesforce Certification Guide

    7. Platform App Builder - Study Checklist

    1. BEFORE YOU START - Important Tips!

    2. Practice Exam 1 - 60 Questions

    3. Practice Exam 2 - 60 Questions

    4. Practice Exam 3 - 60 Questions

    5. Practice Exam 4 - 60 Questions

    6. Are you ready to take the real exam?

    1. PREVIEW - Complete Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Course

    2. Welcome to WeLearnSalesforce - Meet Your Salesforce Trainer Peggy (02:26)

    3. Why Learn Salesforce with Peggy (02:31)

    4. Getting Certified Successfully - Video Guide (07:23)

    5. PREVIEW - Section 2 - Data Modeling and Management - Work with Standard and Custom Fields

    6. PREVIEW - Section 3 - Business Logic and Process Automation - Understand Automation Tools

    7. PREVIEW - Section 4 - User Interface - Introducing Lightning App Builder

    8. PREVIEW - Section 5 - App Deployment - Understanding Sandboxes

    1. Before you leave...

    2. Survey - Please share your feedback

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About this course

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  • I have already studied extensively on Trailhead. Why do I need the Practice Exams?

    Studying all the topics is one thing, but actually understanding what and why you are doing certain customizations is another. The Practice Exams will reveal whether you understand the bigger picture and how to solve complex business requirements.

  • Why should I pay for these Practice Exams when there are so many free sites?

    We are aware that there are many sites with free quizzes and mock exams out there. The problem with many of these sites are that the answers are often incorrect. They don't provide explanations and don't cover all topics you need to be knowledgeable about. Also, they are often outdated. Rather than supporting your learnings, they will leave you confused.

    Our Practice Exams are based on many years of experience with the Salesforce platform. Being a former Trailhead Academy Salesforce Certified Instructor, Peggy knows what Salesforce students struggle with and incorporates her extensive knowledge and guidance into the explanations and resources. The format and complexity of the questions are in line with the requirements of the official exam so you will know exactly what to expect when you sit the real exam.

  • Will I pass at first attempt when I complete the Practice Exams?

    No-one can guarantee that you will pass. However, completing our Practice Exams will increase your chances significantly. We provide clear instructions on how to take the Practice Exams to get the most out of them. And we also provide very detailed results and explanations with lot's of resources to review and deepen your learnings.

  • Are the practice questions the same as the questions in the real exam?

    The questions in the Practice Exams are similar in format and difficulty. They are created based on the Exam Topics of the official Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Exam Guide. We use realistic business scenarios to help you understand complex or confusing requirements.

  • Are the Practice Questions based on the latest Release?

    The Practice Questions are updated shortly after each Release cycle. Release updates are included in your purchase. We recommend reading through the Salesforce Release Notes too, before you take the real exam.

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