Learn how to set up your Trailhead Playground

In the previous video, we have looked at how to set up your Trailhead Account, follow the WeLearnSalesforce Admin Trailmix and how to view and share your Trailhead Profile.

We will now look at how to set up and manage your Trailhead Playgrounds that you will use for your course exercises to make sure you can earn many points and badges and add them to your Trailhead profile. The good news is that your very first Trailhead Playground is already created for you.

A Trailhead Playground is a free Salesforce Org that contains a number of sample data that you can use to explore and test the Salesforce features and setup.

There are two ways to launch and access your Playground. One way is from a hands-on challenge or project, at the bottom of the page, a default Trailhead Playground is already displayed and can be launched right from there as soon as you are ready to tackle a challenge or project.

From the drop-down, you can also create new Playgrounds. For a number of challenges, you will need to create new ones. But don't worry, it will all be explained to you so you will know exactly when a new one is required. 

Another way to access your Playgrounds is through your Profile where you will find a list of all your Hands-on Orgs. From here you have additional options like renaming or deleting Orgs, changing the default AND you can connect other Orgs like your company's org or a developer org. What you cannot do from here is create a new playground, that's always done from a challenge or project. 

If you would like to set up your own personal Salesforce Developer Org for additional practice or testing, we'll cover this in the next video. For a couple of the hands-on challenges in the course, you will actually need your own Developer org.

Watch the next video to learn how to set up a Salesforce Developer Org.


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